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"The Pondering of a Farrier"

I find myself thinking much these days
of people and days past,
I think of folks who came before
and folks who didn't last...

I think of horses I have seen
with problems of all kind,
I look at what was done for them
with methods past to present time...

I think of the skills that it takes
to be a farrier today
compared to the skills a farrier had
back upon yesterday...

The things we use to make work easy
To get the job done fast,
The things we buy throughout the years
The things that seem to never last...

Our skills we have within our hands
Our brain and eye sight too,
The silent touch no one see's
That makes a farrier out of you...

We do a job no other wants
and do it gallantly,
The iron and hooves that we shape
We work to match so valiantly...

Is it just the money we do these things
or a feeling deep inside,
Is it the craftsman that comes out of us
Or is for whats in that horses hide...

For what ever reason you hit that steel
For what ever reason you decide
We are a very special breed,
This FARRIER we have inside...

- Bruce Matthews 2009

Steel and Soul

When you call and tell me "something is amiss"
And now your horse is sorta "off" and you are really p-issed
Please just remember this

There's a piece of my soul in every hoof I do
and you can bet I've done my best
been honest, fair and true

When I am complaining about my elbows or my knees
And when I'm underneath your horse and my back is out
Would you with kindness please
just remember this

There's a piece of my soul in every horse I do
and whether its is good or bad, I've done my best for you

When after years go by and you decide to make a change
'Cause I've raised my prices or shown up late, or even missed a date
Please just remember this

There's a piece of my soul in every hoof I trim
every shoe I shape and every nail I set to help support that limb

And when you dis me to your friends and curse my name out loud
And when you've forgotten how the job I did
got your that prize of which you're proud
Please just remember this:

There's a piece of my soul in every job I've done
and I've done the best I could
So once in a while think with kindness not of the bad but of the good

When I've been bit, kicked and stomped by the brainless brute
who is the "light of your life"
And "Snookums", "Honey", "Lucky", and all the nicknamed rest
have done their best to do their worst I've tried to do my best
So please remember this

There's a piece of my soul in every horse I've done
in muck and mud and mire
In your barn or in cold rain and even blazing sun.

When someday of coffee you think about me with a sigh
I hope that you'll recall these words and perhaps you'll wonder why

There's a piece of my soul in every horse I do, so I always do my best
There's a piece of my soud in all my work,
That's the challenge and the test

- Rick Burten PF

Worn Out

The scars on my fingers are there to remind me
of nails I was slow to wring off.
A colt with an attitude gave me a kick
in a place that still hurts when I cough

The toenail is missing from off of my big toe
'twas stomped by an Appy named Jack,
A Belgian named Billy, an Arab named Missy
- it finally gave up growing back.

My thumb has a blood blister big as a nickel
(my hammers don't always fly true).
It isn't a statement of modern punk fashion,
That's not why my thumbnail is blue.

My wrist is arthritic and so is my elbow
(there's something 'bout cold steel and hell),
But see this dark streak on the top of my forearm?
A hot shoe can get you as well.

The mule wasn't big, and he didn't kick hard,
that left my right knee in a cast.
The brace on my leg only got in the way,
I quit using it week before last.

The ring of the anvil has deadened my eardrums,
so when I don't hear you I fake it.
But I hear you now, and I can't help but grin,
when you ask me "How does your back take it?"

- Jack Evers CJF AFA#426

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