General Farriery – Specialising in therapeutic farriery for competition horses and foal limb deformities.

Consultation Service – Not quite sure what’s happening with a new horse? Worried for any other reason? Book a consultation and discuss all aspects with Jonathan. This may be tied in with subsequent treatment, or stand alone.

Clinics – Jonathan is available for clinics both in Australia and internationally for vets, farriers and horse owners.

Products – We sell only products which we personally use and believe in.

Customer Policies

  • Payment is due at time of service by EFTpos (including credit card) or cash.
    Cheque payment may be available by prior arrangement.

  • The work place needs to be flat, firm, dry and well lit. Dry is important as wet conditions will affect the horse’s hoof. The provision of a safe undercover farriery area is important in the care of your horse, and much safer for the horse and the farrier in either wet or hot conditions. Appointments in the open may be impossible to keep on rainy days and there may be delays in re-scheduling. We will work in these conditions if there is shelter for us and our ute.

  • Please have someone available to catch and hold your horse(s) and to make payment, unless you have already organised otherwise. The added advantage of this is that you may discuss the horse’s condition with the farrier at the time.

  • A farrier is not a horse trainer. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your horse is polite and well trained. A horse that presents a danger to itself or anyone in the vicinity will not be treated, and you will be charged for the time taken.

  • We schedule work as far as possible on a geographical basis on certain days to prevent time delays in backtracking, so appointments do inter-connect and at least 24 hours notice of change is appreciated. This includes adding or removing horses from the schedule, or changing what needs to be done to the horse.

  • Jonathan will make every attempt to find an absent horse owner if no-one is around when he arrives for an appointment, but he cannot wait for longer than 15 minutes because he has other clients booked.

  • We make big efforts to maintain our schedule and keep faith with clients. Occasionally something happens to upset the time frame and we will always try to contact you if Jon is running more than 30 minutes behind or ahead of time. Please check your phone messages if he has not arrived within half an hour of the agreed time.

  • Bookings are made on our business phone line, usually with Sasha. Many owners maintain a regular booking with her, and this assists in organising the rounds for the week. Please email us if you wish, but allow a couple of days for response.

  • If your horse has a loose or lost shoe, please ring immediately. We try to work a lost shoe into the schedule so that it is replaced as soon as possible.
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